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Jump Starter Theft Lands Stratford Man in Trouble

Recognizing the tiny mPower jump starter as an easy target for theft, an employee of mphase stands accused of stealing no less than 600 of the tiny jump starters from his employer!

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Jump Starter Recharge Schedules

A jump starter will successfully re-start your vehicle if you have been maintaining it in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. In short, that means giving it a regular re-charge! Most jump starters will require a re-charge every 4-6 months in order to ensure 100% reliability right when you need it. Of course if you purchase any of the quality jump starters listed in our jump starter reviews you will probably find these charges will go well beyond the recommended period and still provide good service – however, for the sake of an occasional re-charge it’s not worth the risk, so read this guide, be organised and keep your jump starter in tip top condition.

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