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1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Lithium Jump Starter

1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Lithium Jump Starter

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No.1 Amazon Best Seller *Mar’16
(Car Engine Drive Elements UK)

LCD Digital Charge Display
Extremely Compact and Portable
Jump start cars and bikes in seconds
Phone and Gadget USB Charger
LED Flashlight

The 1byone 9000mAh Multi-Function Portable Car Jump Starter is a lithium ion powerbank that will jump start a car in seconds and quickly recharge phones and gadgets multiple times.  The 1byone comes in a handy case to carry the unit and accessories, and the powerbank itself can be easily popped into a rucksack, or car glove box once it is charged and ready to go. The kit includes the powerbank, jump leads, and the jumplead adaptor. Uniquely, both the adaptor and power bank both have digital readouts.

For more information on the manufacturer of this model see our 1byOne page.

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The 1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Lithium Jump Starter Level of Customer Satisfaction

We’ve summarised every customer review published on the web into the following chart so you can see at a glance how the 1byone 9000 is rated by actual verified owners. These reviews were collected from large online retailers and totalled over 1,000 individual reviews.

1byone 9000 satisfaction

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Why the 1byOne 9000 is our favorite jump starter.

Until the 1byOne came along the new breed of lithium ion powerbank car jump starters all offered pretty much the same benefits compared to bulky full size lead acid jump starters, ie.

  • they are ultra portable
  • they make great gifts
  • they start a dead car
  • they charge phones and gadgets

The 1byOne however brings a new feature to the table, digital readouts!

1byone 9000 jumpstarter digital readout closeup

These are great for an early warning about when your charger is about to run flat and requires a charge up. There is no reason now to be stranded without a fully charged, ready to go, jump starter.

For this reason alone we have propelled this jump starter straight to the top of our lithium ion jump starter league table. That’s not all to like however, as the latest version comes neatly packed into a sturdy case perfect for storing in the rear of any vehicle.

I also liked that it came charged and ready for use – so if you have a vehicle parked up somewhere that you really need moving again, you will not have to wait for it to charge – unpack it, connect it to the battery, and you will be driving off in seconds!

What makes the 1byOne 9000 Different from other Jump Starters

The 1byOne 9000 has safety features that makes it ideal for beginners, new drivers, or inexperienced home mechanics.

  • the digital charge status readout is not available on any other lithium ion jump starters we have reviewed
  • a reverse polarity safety feature that we have only seen on one other model
  • anti-spark protection
  • Fantastic carrycase

These features together on one device make the the 1byOne 9000 stand out amongst other popular jump starters.

Key 1byOne 9000 Features

  • 450 Amp Instant Starting Power
    • More than most, this will crank engines hard!
  • Weight : 1 pounds
    • Hard to believe it packs such a punch!
  • Dimensions 5.3 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches
    • About the size of a smart phone!
  • Jumpstarts cars up to 4.7L, bikes, boats, industrial machinery, trucks, RVs
  • high powered LED light 
    • Features emergency flash strobe, great for night situations
  • Reverse polarity protection
    • Use with confidence, no damage through careless use – it’s mistake proof! Audible alarm.
  • Spark-proof Technology
    • No explosive or injury risk thanks to this unique feature
  • Power indicator
    • Check if power is on before applying clamps. Important feature not on all jump starters!
  • Charge State Digital Readout
    • Useful to see how much charge remains in the device
  • Smart-chip Technology

    • Guarantee of continuous instant start
  • Electricity Recycle Function
    • Recycles redundant power for long life
  • Full 1 year warranty

1byOne 9000 Images

What we liked about the 1byOne 9000

  • Safety first! The built in safety measures to prevent sparking and incorrect connections are great for consumer confidence
  • Multifunctional! Having a device with you in the that is always ready to charge your phone, tablet or gadget is a real timesaver!
  • Digital Readout. No guessing if the unit is fully charges, or trying to remember how to interpret LED indicators, this unit comes with a clear digital display.

Combine these features with a rugged build quality and handy carry case, with 90% consumer satisfaction and you have a winning package that comes highly recommended!



There are no disadvantages with this particular jump starter, it is a fantastic piece of kit!

Common Questions for Stanley Jump Starters

To ensure longevity and good service from this 1byOne jump starter please adhere to the following advice:

  • Charge the unit to 100% every 3 months.
  • Recharge fully after every use

Following this advice from the manufacturer will ensure that the jump starter is ready for use when you most need it. After all, what is the point of having a jump starter if it is not kept in a charged state?

Can be charged in vehicle using the lighter socket, or at a wall socket using the included adaptor.
As stated in the main body of our review, charge state with this particular model is displayed on a digital readout, very cool.

Good question! Safety first!!


Thanks to clever technology, a safety alarm will sound to warn of incorrect connection, it is therefore very safe to use!

As with all lithium ion power banks, this unit should not be stored in direct sunlight.

You should only have to recharge the unit twice a year.

Err4 means that the device needs charged.  

Press and hold the black button on the side for a few seconds, and the light should come on. A second press activates the SOS flash. A third push increases the flash rate. Finally, press it one more time to switch the light off.


The 1byone 9000 proudly sits in my cars glove box, ready to help any stranger or family member in their moment of need, stranded at the side of the road. I was never really keen to offer my vehicle up to jump start another car; the dangers of trying to pull up bumper to bumper against another vehicle next to live traffic, messing around under the bonnet, it’s not ideal. With this tiny device that’s all a thing of the past, you can rescue anybody with something no bigger than a smartphone!

Considering the continuous restart power, and the useful additional functions, it is no surprise that we found this jump starter in the #1 spot in at least one Amazon car category.

An Alternative Lithium Jump Starter to Consider

The Powerall is a similar size with similar functions, but no digital readout.

Customer Reviews around the web for the 1byOne 9000

casey from Verified Owner
This is the best jump starter I have ever used. Very well designed and very well built. I have recommended this product to my friends and they have bought one for themselves. I would highly recommend this to everyone
Deon from Verified Owner
I use it to charge my Galaxy Note 4, almost get three full charges .
Kennard from Verified Owner
I was able to charge my iPad two times fully.
JohnK from Verified Owner
This thing is super strong. I cannot imagine how they pack so much long lasting power into this unit the size


  1. Just received this charger in the mail today. Very light in the case and when I.opened the case, every piece was tightly packed in foam pockets that keep everything safe and secured. When I plugged it in, the display showed 50. So assuming it was 50% charged, I left it plugged in for about an hour or so. When I checked, the display now read 100. The instructions had nothing specific on how to charge unit or what the display should read when done. So hoping my common sense is correct, I think I’m ready to help somebody, anybody (!), jump start their car.

    There’s been a couple of times when at a gas station or parking lot, that I’ve been asked to help “jumpstart” a car. Unfortunately, I’ve had to decline, as I was worried about damaging my car’s computer system. Now I can help anyone needing a jump and that really makes me happy!

    • Yeh same here, I used to hate getting asked for a jump start, messing around with cables under the bonnet, sparking all over the place – it’s a piece of cake with one of these tiny starters though!

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