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PowerAll Deluxe Car Jump Starter

PowerAll Deluxe Car Jump Starter

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“This thing is definitely going to be used a lot this summer! I am impressed!!! and AMAZED!!”

Verified Owner


 #1 Selling Lithium Battery Jump Starter in the World
CES Honoree 2014 Winner
20 Jump Starts on One Charge
Charges Electronic Gadgets



The PowerAll jump starter  is the only jumpstarter that combines several features in one small attractive design that is easily and discretely carried around, even in your pocket! Don’t be confused by its size, yes this jump starter in tiny compared to most, and yes it only weighs 1 pound!

However this is an extremely capable jump starter – check the movie below to see just have efficient it is for jump starting all kinds of vehicle. If you are looking for an ultra portable jump starter, you can stop looking now.

Featuring a capable jump starter, a gadget battery charger and a bright LED flash light, the PowerAll is extremely popular with consumers and makes a great gift. Note that the DELUXE version comes complete with a handy carry case.

For more information on the manufacturer of this model see our Gryphon PowerAll info page.

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PowerAll Jump Starter Level of Customer Satisfaction

We’ve analysed every PowerAll customer review we could find and collated the statistics into the following chart so you can see at a glance how the PowerAll is rated by actual verified owners. These reviews were collected from large online retailers and totalled over 1,300 individual reviews.

powerall jumpstarter customer satisfaction



What’s Special about the PowerAll Jump Starter?

Three products in one is what makes the PowerAll a bit special. Also, take a look at the photo’s; the PowerAll shuns the typical bulky look of other jumpstarters and instead is presented in an attractive slab design that is extremely compact, just look at it, it’s a thing of beauty!

powerall jump starter

Most consumers choose the PowerAll because of its charging feature which will charge popular consumer gadgets such as phones, cameras, camcorders, headphones and kids portable gaming systems. Anything that is charged by a USB cable will connect to the PowerAll! In fact it can charge two devices at the same time!

However it’s not only the convenient extra features that make the PowerAll such a good product, it is also a very capable jumpstarter, which, depending on conditions, can jump start engines up to 20 times on a single charge!

Combined, this impressive feature list contributed to make the PowerAll the Number 1 Best Selling Lithium Battery Jump Starter in the World.

There is no range of PowerAll jumpstarters, the product on this page is the only one available, it has everything you need in a jump starter!


Who the PowerAll is Perfect For

As the PowerAll includes multiple charging connectors and a built in flashlight, it makes for a great gift for new drivers.

While a typical bulky jump starter may seem like a strange gift to give, the PowerAll is a neat design that would look great in the storage areas of a car and provide new drivers with the confidence to get their car going in the event of a flat battery, and also to provide emergency lights when most needed.

So small it fits in glovebox!

So small it fits in glovebox!


PowerAll in Action Video



PowerAll Features

  • 400 Amp Instant Max Starting Power
    • Same power as a conventional battery powered jump starter!
  • 12,000 mAh
    • Enough muscle for several jump starts on one charge
  • Weight : 1 pound
    • They simply do not come any lighter!
  • Dimensions 6.5 x 3 x 1.2 inches
    • So small it’ll fit in the glove box (of most cars!)
  • MOSFET Rectifier Cables included (see below)
    • Highest quality for long length and efficient starting
  • AC & DC Charger
    • Charges just about everything!
  • Ultra-bright LED flash light with 3 illumination modes
    • flash light when you’re in the dark
    • a strobe light to attract attention
    • SOS signal flash with 120 hours life for outdoors emergencies
  • Multiple gadget charge adapters included
    • USB Adapter Cable, iPhone 30 Pin Plug, Mini and Micro USB Plug, LG Plug, Nokia Plug, Samsung Plug, Sony Ericsson Plug, Sony PSP Plug, AC and DC Charger
  • Jumpstarts all sorts of engines
    • cars, bikes, boats, industrial machinery, trucks, RVs
  • Power indicator
    • No uncertainty about it being ready to use
  • Charge state indicator
    • No unfortunate surprises, be confident it is on full charge ready to save the day



PowerAll Images




What we liked about the PowerAll

  • Charging Adapters. If you are anything like my family, we are always running out of charge in our gadgets and phones when on the move. The PowerAll solves this problem not by charging one mobile, but it can charge TWO at the same time. Some folks might even not think about the PowerAll as a car starter but more of an emergency GADGET starter!
  • Weighing in at just 1 Ib this truly is unbeatable for punch to weight ratio, largely thanks to the lithium battery. It’s so small it will even fit in your toolbox!
  • As the video above shows, there is no doubting just how effective this tiny unit is at jump starting cars, or even trucks!
  • It’s modern design makes conventional jump starters look bulky, unwieldy and dated.
  • Safety : PowerAll use MOSFET rectifiers by Texas Instruments in their jumper cables. What does this mean? This means that compared to ANL fuse or generic rsisters, the MOSFET offers superior protection from voltage feedback, which is a superb feature that removes the risk of fire through overheating and gives the consumer confidence in using the device.



powerall jump starter

The PowerAll connected up to a dead car battery





  • Be aware that there is another product available that looks EXACTLY like the Powerall, this has been identified as a fake. If you see a product that looks like the PowerAll but is called JumbL be aware that this is NOT the award winning PowerAll. Please make sure and purchase from an authorised reseller such as Amazon, here!
  • Also, do not get confused about any descriptions you may see regarding professional grade Smart 2.0 jumper cables with the deluxe version. PowerAll supply the same cables with all their jumpstarters.
  • Finally, as this is a Lithium-Ion battery, it must be put on a full initial charge before first use! When first unboxed put the unit on a full 12 hours charge before using.



powerall accessories


Tips and Questions for the PowerAll

Jumpstarting with the PowerAll is simple and easy if you follow these steps everytime…

  • Check PowerAll has at least 50% Charge
  • Crank Engine
  • Once Engine has fired up, disconnect PowerAll within 10 seconds. It helps to have a second pair of hands for this, but you can do it yourself.
It is possible the PowerAll safety circuit has kicked in. If the light does not come on the unit probably needs reset, see next tip.
The PowerAll may need reset if the safety circuit kicks in. Do this by connecting the unit to an AC supply, or the car cigarette socket. The unit will complete a self check routine before becoming ready for its next use.
Long term storage without use can lead to the battery only reaching about 60-65% charge capacity. In order to solve this issue, unplug the PowerAll then plug it back using the a 12vDC input port.

Power button is inactive when the low voltage protection is activated. To reactivate the charging circuit, unplug the PowerAll then plug it back using the a 12vDC input port 


Of course, download the PowerAll Instruction Manual PDF.



There are not many lithium powered jump starters in the market, and it is difficult to understand why, as they make perfect sense compared to a conventional acid battery jump starter. They are smaller, lighter, easier to store in the car (it even fits in the glove box!), and yet they can still jump start a car several times on one charge.

Considering that this is the best lithium ion jumpstarter we have tested, we were a little disappointed that it did not come with a carry case, however, one can be bought seperately here.

With the handy torch feature included, we found this to be a fantastic addition to any motorist’s travelling kit and highly recommend it – after all, it’s the one that I drive around with!



Two Alternative Jump Starters to Consider

For a more feature rich jump starter take a look at the Stanley J5C09

For a more powerful jump  starter see the Clore JNC660


Customer Reviews around the web for the PowerAll

Al from Verified Owner

This is one of my VERY favorite devices I have ever bought. Every family should have one of these units. I am a 68 year old car collector since I was a teenager and I used to use the VERY HEAVY large commercial “jump boxes” that most road service companys and repair facilities use.

When I first read about this unit I by passed it because I would have never believed it would work. I finally bought one figuring I could send it back when it didn’t work. The day I received it I took it down to my mechanic and asked him to direcet me to a vehicle in his lot that has been sitting for along period that had a dead battery. He directed me to his Chevy dually with a big block 454 engine and told me, “it’s been sitting for over a year. Don’t bother, it needs a battery. I even tried starting it with the commercial jump box to no avail.” I attached the cables from this little device and Bobby turned the key and the 454 sprang to life!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Both my mechanic and his mechanic son, each ordered them on the spot!

James from Verified Owner
Great product! Jumped started a number of cars & even a diesel with 1 charge!!

BigM from Verified Owner
This is an awesome product. It works great and is worth every penny. You need to get one. Actually boosted 20 vehicles on one charge.

JKS from Verified Owner
This product WORKS. I charged my phone 5 times from the dead and still had enough juice to jump start my friend’s bike

Chris from Verified Owner
The whole system is very compact and will get you out of a pinch when you need it to. I am glad I have this product and would definitely recommend it to others.

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  1. This is the one for me, thanks for the detailed review buddy.

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